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Best Tools not only manufacturers and supplies the best gear around to keep you safe and efficient, but we also offer nationwide installations.
If you've got the dime, we've got the time. We will install wireless radio remote systems that are good for all industries along with an air system if the customer needs it.

We specialize in all kinds of lighting solutions for emergency vehicles and transport vehicles with over 20 years experience. Take a look at some of our projects in the galleries below - and let us know if you need something installed.

Wireless Radio Remote Solutions:

Wireless Remote systems are incredibly useful in many different ways. It is important that the right system is installed correctly.





We're proud of our lighting builds. Using top-notch lighting products, as well as neat, tidy, and hidden wiring, we make your rig stand out. 



Give us a ring:

We're ready to do your wiring, whether it's local in NWA, or nationwide.
Remember, if it flashes or pulls, call Best Tools~
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