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About Us


 Best Tools is a family-owned and operated business that started in the1980’s and officially incorporated in 1990. For the first 25 years, Best Toolshas focused just on lockout tools andinventing, “in the door tools” for the automotive industries. From day one, all BestTools lockout-tool equipment was, and still is, 100% made in the USA along with using raw materials right here in the USA.Our goal has always been quality over quantity. One of our greatest lines is “our lockout tools take a lickin’ and keep on pickin’.” Since the beginning, we haveestablished a dealer network along withan end-user market. To this day, some of the dealers and relationships we have made with customers throughout the variety of industries we serve are still with us growing together. Best Tools has always been a “grass root” business focusing on reaching out to the customer in a personal way. 

In 2012, Best Tools decided to make a jump to carefully rebrand and re-market the image and expand the product line outside of what we manufacture. We started hitting the streets getting the name out there and by request from a variety of customers, Best Tools grew.After diligently picking only the elite manufactures out in the market, we wanted togrow with the best—period! From wireless tow lights, emergency lighting, rigging and recovery equipment, tie-downstraps, skates, transport and trucking products, wire rope, winches, and industrial radio wireless remote controls, suspension enhancement products to much,much more. The list will always be evolving to serve the customer in the best way.Best Tools offers a full domestic line withan imported option to satisfy every customer throughout all the different industries we serve. Also in 2012, we invested in a van that would hit the ground fully stocked with all kinds of products calling on industries from towing companies,mechanic shops, dealerships, bodyshops, construction companies, trucking companies, police and fire stations to municipalities. If we feel you could use Best Tools products, we will stop and see you, now that we have two vans hitting the streets. Talking to customers face-to-face and establishing a relationship, we have modified and improved our lockout tools and have designed new products to help the towing industry. Just to name a few items, our Silver Snatcher lockout tool (our version of the Axle chain and Steering Wheel strap) has been a huge hit in the market.

In 2015 Best Tools grew out of its original location and boughta warehouse. With the extra room, we can operate a smoother shipping process and stock more products so that customers will get what they need faster! We have also expanded the business once we moved to not only manufacture lockout tools and sell a wide variety of products but also to install lighting, wireless remote- control systems, winches and suspension enhancements. Best Tools has installed emergency lighting on vehicles from city trucks, FBI, and other emergency vehicles, wreckers to rotators and more. Car haulers and tow truck operators visit us frequently for a quality installation regarding winches and wireless remote systems. Supersprings has been a strategic addition for installation for a variety of work vehicles like farm trucks, transport vehicles, and wreckers-all which benefit greatly with increased load capacities and with a much more comfortable ride. No matter what the call is for your installation needs, Best Tools will always go the extra mile to satisfy the customer making a top-notch professional job well done.

Best Tools has a good group of people that take pride in every-thing they do from manufacturing, sales, and installation; we have the right team to take care of all your needs. Be looking for us out on the road, follow us on Facebook as we run package deals all the time, and come find us at a variety of tow shows across the industry. Remember: “When people rely on you, you can depend on us!”